THANKS (no, thank you!)

You know what’s the best? Hearing from a client who is as happy as can be … a new mom, the father of the bride, or a couple just back from their honeymoon whose photos made them feel the day all over again. Our clients’ happiness is incredibly important to us and when we receive notes like these, well, it just makes our day. We love our clients, and look! … they love us too!


These are stunning. We seriously can’t thank you two enough for being a part of our day…you two handled the entire event with such calmness and grace…you were an absolute pleasure to work with. I just teared up with pure giddiness! I can’t get enough…they are BREATHTAKING.

- Marina & Matt

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“We can’t say thank you enough”

They are so lovely and so perfect and we just can’t say thank you enough for making our wedding day so special. We love them, we can’t stop looking at them!

- Zack & Roxi

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“We had so much fun”

I loved working with you! You made our whole family feel so relaxed and we had so much fun while we were in the middle of the shoot.  It wasn’t stuffy or super planned, but at the same time I could tell you knew exactly what you wanted and you put our whole family at ease. Every time I look at the pictures or show them to family and friends I am always reminded about how much fun we had that day.  I feel like we were making a memory in the experience, not just the photos we would have for years to come.

- Kathy

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“Absolutely fantastic”

They are absolutely fantastic! I can’t thank you enough. You were both so wonderful and I can’t wait to recommend you to everyone. We both can’t wait to do another session at some point with you, thank you!!

- Britt & Ry

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“So special”

OH MY GOODNESS! They are so cute! We had the best time and when you left I just felt like it was SO special that we got to have you take our pictures. Thank you for coming!

- Janelle

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I LOVE THEM.  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE THEM. This was so much fun, like, BEYOND fun.  Wow. Thank you so much for doing this, they are incredible.

- Haley

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“Really, thank you so much”

We love our pictures so much! We look through them all the time and laugh and smile and kiss. It’s wonderful. Thank you, really, thank you so much!

- Kaylyn & Danny

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“We all felt comfortable & relaxed”

Thank you for the wonderful photo shoot you did for our family!  We loved your idea for the location, so many people have commented on how unique our setting was!  It was so much fun doing this with you. We all felt comfortable and relaxed, so our pictures look really natural.  With our family being so spread out now, we don’t have many chances to take photos together anymore. We’re happy that we chose you to take them, so we could have something really special.  We will treasure these photos forever!  Thank you again!!

- Cheryl & Roy

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Erica, just sitting here crying again, browsing all the great photos. Thanks!

- Michelle (mother of the groom)

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“Great memories”

Under most circumstances our kids would really complain about an afternoon of “photo shoots” but you made this a fun memorable family outing!  You really know how to get everyone to act “natural” and have fun in the process.  Now when we look at the beautiful pictures we not only see wonderful natural expressions of love from our entire family, but we also have great memories of a really fun family day!

- Susan

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“You captured the love of our family”

We had a wonderful experience during our photo shoot with you! You made us feel completely comfortable and captured the love and personality of our family perfectly. We have and will continue to recommend you to anyone we know.

- Adrian & Jamie

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“The photos are priceless!”

You have a natural knack for capturing moments in a creative and unique way. From staging the perfect shoot at an unexpected location, to bringing fresh angles to faces and poses– you’re an exceptional photographer. We were honored to have you shoot our engagement and wedding photos. Not only did we enjoy the process, but the photos are priceless!

- Clint & Hannah

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